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   When residents of a tight-knit neighborhood in Seat-         West Seattle Thriftway has
tle, Wash., need flowers, they often go to West Seattle         earned the trust and business
Thriftway. They know they’ll find a diverse selection of        of the community.
high-quality products offered by a friendly, responsive staff.
                                                                by cynthia l. mcgowan
   “We’ve built a reputation in the neighborhood as
being a great place to go for flowers, and people tell us       west seattle thriftway
that all the time,” shares Floral Manager Megan Furen.
“It’s wonderful.”                                                    LOCATION Seattle, Wash.
                                                                     OWNERS Paul and Connie Kapioski
   In fact, the one-store, family-owned independent prides           FOUNDED 1988
itself on its responsiveness to community needs and its              STORE SIZE 33,000 square feet
role as the neighborhood store. A message to shoppers on             STORE EMPLOYEES 100
the store website,, comments,           FLORAL EMPLOYEES Three, combination of full and part time
“You have allowed us to become more than just a grocery              BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAY Mother’s Day, followed closely by
store—over the past 25 years we have grown to be a part              Valentine’s Day
of something great, your community.”                                 FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral department, offering custom
                                                                     designs, weddings, funerals and events; limited delivery
   The store has earned that trust by offering a full range          FLORAL MANAGER Megan Furen
of products and departments, including recently remod-               WEBSITE
eled deli, bakery and espresso areas, staffed by employees
who get to know their customers and their needs. A recent                                         november 2015 / 21
review on remarked, “Everyone there is genu-
inely helpful—it reminded me of living in a small town
and going to the local market where, eventually, everyone
knows your name.”
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