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year-round outdoor business
   Seattle’s mild climate allows West Seattle Thrift-
way’s floral department to display products outside
year-round. The company has a successful garden
business from February through November, and when it
gets too cold for plants, the department merchandises
Christmas wreaths and other hardy items.

   Outdoor sales, shares Floral Manager Megan
Furen, account for 40 percent of the department’s
sales. “It’s been a great part of our business,” she
describes, and helps the bottom line during slower
periods like the summer.

   Megan sources many of the products from local grow-
ers, and uses signage to advise customers of the nearby
connection.Hanging baskets of mixed flowers, at $29.99,
sell best, and the department also offers bedding plants
and container gardens.

   Megan says these elements keep the garden cen-
ter thriving:

   UNIQUE PRODUCTS West Seattle Thriftway offers
eye-catching items that customers don’t find elsewhere,
keeping shopper interest high.

   PLANT CARE The staff makes sure to water all the
plants at least once a day. During a recent, unusual
heat spell, staffers were out twice a day watering the
plants. Having to be outside more often was a staffing
challenge, Megan acknowledges, but the department
rearranged schedules and recruited extra help. “We
really encouraged each other to remember the watering
and the fact that it was the highest priority,” she recalls.

   KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF The floral staff at West Seattle
Thriftway is knowledgeable in plant species and
care, Megan says, and are able to answer custom-
ers’ questions.

   PUBLICITY The department publicizes its garden
products through the store’s newsletter, Facebook and
Instagram, but the colorful outdoor presentation is the
best publicity, Megan says. “It looks beautiful,” she
shares. “People love to browse out there.” sf

   Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at cmcgowan@ or (800) 355-8086.

                                                              (above) Floral has a year-round presence outside the store. Outside products
                                                              throughout the year range from cut flowers, hanging baskets and bedding plants
                                                              in the spring to Christmas wreaths in the winter.

                                                              (top) Potted mums, cut sunflowers and pumpkins were included in an eye-catch-
                                                              ing fall display.

                                                              (left) Potted “dinner-plate” Dahlias, available for a limited time, are a seasonal hit
                                                              with West Seattle Thriftway customers. The department makes sure to spotlight
                                                              locally sourced products.

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