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In addition to the 17 Dahlia types shown here, other                                   ‘Dandie Sunrise’
classifications include Miniature Ball, Novelty, Nov-                              Single (Single Flowered)
elty Open, Single Orchid/Star, Double Orchid and
Orchette (Orchid Collarette).                                                           American Dahlia Society

buying tips

n Some forms of Dahlia blooms can be somewhat
fragile, so purchase them in late-bud stage (just
starting to open but showing good color). Larger
blooms can be 50 percent open. If harvested too
tight, these flowers will fail to open properly.
n Check buds and blooms for shattering, bruising,
browning and rot.
n Inspect leaves and stems for yellowing, mold,
powdery mildew, rot and collapse.

fun facts

WHAT’S IN A NAME The genus name Dahlia was given
in honor of Swedish botanist Dr. Anders Dahl
(1751-1789). Based on the pronunciation of Dr.
Dahl’s surname, DOLL-yuh or DOLL-ee-uh logically
would be the most appropriate pronunciation of the
flower name.
FAMILY MATTERS Dahlias are members of the huge
Asteraceae / Compositae family. Close relatives
include Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Calendulas,
Zinnias, Cosmos, marigolds, marguerites, sunflow-
ers, black-eyed Susans, China asters and dozens
of other flowers.
HOME SWEET HOME These flowers are native to the
mountainous regions of Mexico, Central America
and Colombia.

                                                            ‘Inflammation’                                            ‘AC Coy’
                                                            Mignon Single                                             Collarette

                                                          American Dahlia Society                                American Dahlia Society

                                                                 ‘Elfin’                  ‘Karma Irene’
                                                               Pompon                      Semi Double

                                                          American Dahlia Society  Farmers’ West Flowers & Bouquets

                                                ‘Cornel’       ‘Pennsgift’              ‘Karma Amanda’
                                                  Ball    Informal Decorative          Formal Decorative

16 / october 2015                                              Farmers’ West Flowers & Bouquets
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