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fun facts                                                                                        natural-colored sunflowers

WHAT’S IN A NAME The genus name Helianthus                             ‘Ring of Fire’                        ‘Ruby’                ‘Prado Red Shades’
is derived from the Greek “helios,” mean-
ing sun, and “anthos,” meaning flower, in                      California Cut Flower Commission  California Cut Flower Commission      PanAmerican Seed
reference to these blooms’ heliotropic nature
of turning toward and following the sun. The                                                                                             ‘ProCut Bicolor’
species name “annuus” means annual, refer-
ring to the plant’s one-year life cycle.                                                                                           California Cut Flower Commission

FAMILY MATTERS Helianthus is a member of the                                            ‘Jua Inca’                                 ‘Mahogany’
huge Asteraceae/Compositae family. A few
of its 140 or so floral relatives are chrysanthe-                                    PanAmerican Seed                               Dos Gringos
mums, marguerites, Gerberas, Dahlias, Zin-
nias, Asters, Cosmos, marigolds, black-eyed
Susans, bachelor’s buttons and strawflowers.

HOME SWEET HOME Sunflowers are native
to the plains of western and midwestern
North America, from southern Canada to
northern Mexico, as well as to portions of
South America.

FRESH TO DRY Sunflowers will dry nicely stand-
ing in a vase. To dry them so their heads
face upward, hang them upside down in a
warm, dark, well-ventilated area, or suspend
the flower stems through chicken wire or
cardboard collars. Sunflowers also can be
freeze-dried. To create a distinctive dried
botanical material, remove the ray florets
(“petals”), after they have faded, and allow
the disk to dry.

PRETTY AND PRACTICAL Sunflowers are commer-
cially grown today primarily for ornamental
(cut flowers), oil-seed and food-producing
purposes. Confection varieties of sunflowers
are grown for their seeds, which are sold for
human consumption as well as birdseed.
Other varieties are grown for the oil con-
tained in the seeds, most of which is used in
food products but also can be found in cer-
tain soaps, paints and cosmetics. Sunflowers
also are produced for a range of medicinal
and industrial uses.

                                                               ‘Sunrich Orange Summer’                 ‘Sunrich Orange’              ‘Jua Maya’

                                                                               Takii Seed                      Takii Seed          PanAmerican Seed

                               ‘Premier Orange’                ‘Full Sun Improved’               ‘Sunrich Lemon Summer’            ‘Premier Lemon’

                                                   Takii Seed            Takii Seed                             Takii Seed                Takii Seed

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