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taking pride                                                                                 1

   The floral departments also have a loyal following, Joe                                   2

expresses. “We get tremendous accolades and feedback                                         3

from our customers,” he remarks.                                                             4

   Much of the credit for the department’s success can be                 july 2015 / 23

attributed to the skilled designers and their ability to offer

high-quality service, Anne and Joe say. “Everyone who

works for us has had multiple years of experience” in

various aspects of the floral industry, Anne confirms.

   The designers take pride in brightening their customers’

lives, she continues. For example, Anne remarks, when

she handles a wedding, “I do it as if it were my own

daughter’s. We’re all geared toward customer service

and making people happy.”

 what sells best

      Gerrity’s Supermarkets buys most of its flowers
  from wholesalers, and Anne Konopka, floral man-
  ager at the company’s flagship store in Scranton,
  Pa., does all of the flower purchasing for the eight
  stores with floral departments. She and company
  co-owner Joe Fasula say that locating reliable,
  nearby suppliers has been a challenge of late,
  thanks to wholesalers consolidating and closing.
  Joe comments, “If we can get some really good,
  consistent, reliable suppliers, we can continue
  to grow.”

      The stores get flower deliveries every day, but all
  orders must be placed at least a day in advance,
  laments Anne. “There are no options for immediate
  delivery to us on the days we need a quick order.”

      CRAZY FOR DAISIES Customers love cheerful,
  brightly dyed “crazy daisy” sleeved bouquets,
  selling for $4.99 each. Gerrity’s also sells them in
  arrangements, with prices starting at $16.99.

      ARRANGEMENTS Basket designs, starting at
  $15.99, sell best, Anne shares. Vased designs
  average $20 to $30, with prices higher for custom
  arrangements. Shoppers also favor plant baskets
  that are accented with cut flowers.

      BUNCHES AND SINGLE STEMS Favorite flowers in the
  single stem and bunch program include Hydran-
  geas, lilies and roses.

      PLANTS The company does a brisk business in
  plants, including Spathiphyllums (peace lilies),
  ivies, violets, miniature roses and Pothos. Four-inch
  plants at $3.99 to $4.99 sell best. Bedding plants
  and other garden items are strong in the spring.

      GIFTWARE “We have a little bit of everything,”
  Anne describes, including knickknacks, candles,
  scents and candy. sf

   Reach Editor in Chief Cynthia L. McGowan at or (800) 355-8086.

1. The Gerrity’s team includes, from left, Joyce “Mom” Fasula, president
and co-owner; Babe Thomas, assistant floral manager; Colleen MacDan-
iels, floral designer; Anne Konopka, floral manager; Theresa Murphy,
floral designer; and Joe Fasula, vice president and co-owner. 
2. “Crazy daisy” sleeved bouquets of dyed spray mums are one of the
department’s top-selling items.
3. Shelves of plants are ready for shoppers to grab and go.
4. These clever designs turned bath scrunchies and flowers into cute
items for gift buyers.
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