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   A good floral department can make a statement. It tells shoppers  The floral operation at Gerrity’s
that the supermarket values freshness, quality, convenience and      Supermarkets sends a message of
an overall exceptional customer experience, reminds Joe Fasula,      freshness and quality.
co-owner of Gerrity’s Supermarkets in northeastern Pennsylvania.
                                                                     by cynthia l. mcgowan
   That’s why the nine-store company has invested in its floral
operation, including bringing on and retaining experienced staff,    gsueprreirtmy’as rkets
offering full service in two stores and updating its fixtures. “We
saw an opportunity to convey that message of freshness and               LOCATIONS Nine stores in northeastern Pennsylvania
quality to customers,” Joe reports. “Floral says so much to a            HEADQUARTERS Scranton, Pa.
supermarket’s customers.”                                                OWNERS Joyce “Mom” Fasula and her son Joe
                                                                         FOUNDED 1895
   And thanks to flower-filled departments that entice customers         STORE SIZE Averages 40,000 square feet
in for an engaging experience, Gerrity’s floral operation not only       FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE Varies by location; 600 square
makes a statement, “It adds an exclamation point,” shares Larry          feet in the flagship Scranton store
Denicola, manager of the company’s flagship store in Scranton.           STORE EMPLOYEES More than 1,000
Floral Manager Anne Konopka and her staff “do a tremendous job           FLORAL EMPLOYEES Three full-time and one part-time staffers
in floral.”                                                              in the flagship store; one in the Hanover Township store
                                                                         BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day
“where mom’s in charge”                                                  FLORAL’S CONTRIBUTION TO COMPANY SALES Averages
                                                                         about 0.5 percent and rises to about 2 percent during
   Gerrity’s prides itself on being the largest family-owned super-      floral holidays
market company in northeastern Pennsylvania, and “one of the             FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral departments in two
largest in the country that is owned by a mom”—Joyce “Mom”               stores, offering custom designs, weddings, events and
Fasula, who co-owns the company with son Joe. In fact, the com-          delivery; cash-and-carry florals in six other stores
pany has made Joyce the face of its marketing, with her image on         FLORAL MANAGER Anne Konopka
signage, the website and advertising circulars, along with slogans       WEBSITE
like, “Where Mom’s in charge.” Mom Fasula even has become a
local celebrity, Joe notes.

   The marketing reflects Gerrity’s family-oriented culture, Joe
shares. “Everything revolves around family,” he describes. “We
have a warm, homey environment in the stores.”

   That atmosphere is reflected in the relationships that employ-
ees build with customers, Anne expresses. “We are a family,” she
confirms, and “everything that we do for customers is above and
beyond what most other grocery stores offer.”

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