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maternal medley

Serve up a mixed collection of
arrangements for Mother’s Day.


Gather a collection of mossy
looking terra-cotta pots, or paint
the pots using a faux-moss tech-
nique. (Go to
to watch designer Talmage
McLaurin, AIFD, demonstrate
how.) Plant one pot with a
Cryptanthus. Add liners and
floral foam to the remaining
pots, and arrange them, with
the largest pots near the center,
in a wooden tray.

Add flowers in groups to each of
the pots, starting with the largest
containers. Arrange garden roses
in one and an upright Cymbidium
orchid spray, based with a clus-
ter of statice, in the other.

Weathered terra-cotta pots and a distressed wooden
tray provide the foundation for this assembly of “potted”
flowers. Inside the tray, the pots and saucers are tipped
and angled to enhance the natural look.
This design was excerpted
from Modern Flower Arranging,
MATERIALS: garden roses, Cymbidium orchids, a new book from Florists’
Cryptanthus, Protea, statice, sweet Williams, Hypericum, Review Enterprises. Each of
the 60 designs has a four-step
‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses and Flexi grass from Delaware how to. MFA1013. $29.95.
Valley Wholesale Florist; Oasis Floral Foam from Smithers- To order, visit Fill the remaining pots; place a
Oasis Company; clay pots, saucers and wooden tray, single Protea in one, a pillow of
from favorite suppliers. or call (800) 367-4708. sweet William in another, and a
mix of garden roses and
Hypericum in the other. sf
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