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mother’s day spending

Surveys reveal strong sales for flowers
in 2013, so be ready for the demand.

sales were UP in 2013
68.2% $18.90

Percentage of consumers who planned What the average adult intended to spend
to buy flowers for Mother’s Day in 2013. in 2013 on flowers during Mother’s Day.
Dollar Sales
68.0% increase Comparison
what they bought
$2.3 billion
16.7% about the same The sum of the percentage totals is
15.3% decrease greater than 100% because the
respondents could select more than
Total estimated spending on flowers for one answer.
Item Sales 46.5% increase Mother’s Day last year.
Source: Super
Floral’s 2013 28.2% about the same 81.0% Greeting Cards
Mother’s Day $20.7 billion
25.3% decrease
Total estimated spending on Mother’s Day
in 2013.

68.2% Flowers
average sale
Less than $30 41.4%
$30 to $39.99 18.6% 55.3% Special outing (dinner, etc.)

$40 to $49.99 12.9% What the average adult intended to spend
for Mother’s Day in 2013 on flowers, Gift Cards
$50 or more 27.1% jewelry, apparel, electronics and more, 41.5%
up 11 percent from 2012’s $152.52.
Source: Super Floral’s 2013 Mother’s Day Survey
34.4% Jewelry

open for business did you know? 33.3% Clothing
The driving force behind Mother’s Day
The overwhelming majority of floral was Anna Jarvis, who organized 24.6% Other
departments surveyed (87.5 percent) observances in Grafton, W.Va., and
were staffed on Mother’s Day Sunday Philadelphia on May 10, 1908. As the 22.2% Books
in 2013, and 12.5 percent offered self- annual celebration became popular
service florals. Further, 37. 7 percent around the country, Anna asked 20.3% Housewares or gardening tools
offered delivery on the day. members of Congress to set aside a
Source: Super Floral’s 2013 Mother’s Day Survey day to honor mothers. She succeeded 20.3% Personal service (spa, etc.)
in 1914, when Congress designated the 14.1% Consumer electronics
Super Floral data is from a nationwide second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.
online survey and is based on responses Source for Mother’s Day consumer spending
representing more than 2,300 floral depart- Source: U.S. Census Bureau’s data: National Retail Federation (NRF)/
ments across the U.S.A. and in Canada. “Facts for Features” BIGinsight 2013 Mother’s Day survey sf

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