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prepared for prom work

Because Gary & Leo’s Fresh Foods The department gets most of its “Hot pink, vibrant orange—the neon
IGA, Havre, Mont., serves several small prom business from word-of-mouth colors—are popular,” she says. “It used
communities, prom season for the floral advertising. Maggie also publicizes to be just whites and reds. Now they are
department stretches out for several prom styles on the store’s website, going for every color in the rainbow.”
months. During that time, Floral
Manager Maggie Anderson and her Maggie checks floral design maga-
assistant know to be prepared for last- zines and fashion and trend websites to
minute customers. keep up on the latest styles for prom.
“I get a lot of business from mothers “I’m always looking for new ideas,” she
who call me in a panic 20 minutes explains. “I don’t like to be locked into
before the prom,” Maggie says with a one mode.”
laugh. “We are definitely impromptu. Teens in the Havre area, Maggie has
You have to learn how to adjust and to noticed, want lots of floral gems in their
adapt fast.” prom designs as well as bright colors.

Bright, colorful items for prom, like this
pretty corsage, are popular at Gary & Leo’s.

favorite products
We Are SUPPLIERS Floral Manager Maggie
Anderson purchases flowers and
plants for Gary & Leo’s Fresh Foods
IGA from several wholesalers in the
SPRING Spokane, Wash., area. Deliveries
arrive three days a week.
and dozen-rose bouquets, along
with bud vases, are the top-selling
items, Maggie reveals. “Our bou-
quets go out left and right,” she
remarks. The recipes change week-
ly, and prices start at $9, topping at
$18 for dozen-rose bouquets.
Bud vases usually feature a rose,
leatherleaf and baby’s breath, and
they sell for $10. They often include
a seasonal bow or pick.
ARRANGEMENTS To save labor, the
department carries a mixture of
arrangements purchased from
wholesalers as well as designs cre-
ated in house. At $15 to $17,
“Sweet Petite” designs that are suit-
able for desks or other small spaces
sell well, Maggie shares.
PLANTS Azaleas are the most popu-
lar blooming plant, selling for about
$18 for a 6” or 6.5” pot. Among
foliage plants, spider and peace-lily
plants sell best, at $8-$9 for 4-inch
pots and $16 for 6-inch plants.
Lucky bamboo sales are on the rise,
Maggie shares, expressing, “They
seem to be the ‘in’ thing right now.”
Gary & Leo’s also carries a full
selection of bedding plants for the
garden season.
GIFTWARE The department sells a
small selection of giftware, Maggie
says. She always makes sure to
keep ready-made baby gift baskets
on hand. sf
Source: Maggie Anderson/
Gary & Leo’s Fresh Foods IGA

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