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Floral Manager Maggie Anderson, above, and her assis-
tant change the displays weekly to capture customer
attention and boost impulse sales. The department
occupies 200 square feet at the front of the store, and it
also has a workroom for designing and flower storage.

At the end of April, the floral department erects a
greenhouse and sells garden plants—an event long-
awaited by winter-weary residents of Havre, where tem-
peratures can go as low as 40 degrees below zero.
“People start asking me at the beginning of April when
we are opening,” Maggie shares. But at that point, “We’re
not done with snowstorms yet,” she says with a laugh.
Events also are important to Gary & Leo’s floral busi-
ness, Maggie comments. “We get a little bit of every-
thing,” she describes. The department provides florals
for business open houses and parties, a local wine and
cheese festival, and events at the nearby university. It
also decorates the hospital for Christmas.
gary &leo’s
anticipating needs
The custom designs and event work keep the floral
department busy, but no matter what the occasion, fresh foods iga
Maggie says, she and her assistant work with clients to LOCATIONS Havre, Conrad and Florence, Mont.
ensure they get exactly what they want. They even will OWNER Gary Leland; the company was founded in 1986 by Gary
and the late Leo Job
invite some customers into the workroom to pick out HAVRE STORE SIZE 45,000 square feet
the flowers for their designs. “They know exactly what HAVRE STORE EMPLOYEES 150
they want, and they want to be here to pick it out,” HAVRE FLORAL DEPARTMENT SIZE 200 square feet on the sales floor;
additional space in a workroom for designing and storage
Maggie describes. HAVRE FLORAL EMPLOYEES One full time and one part time year-
By working so closely with clients, the staff can round; four additional employees during greenhouse season
BIGGEST FLORAL HOLIDAYS Valentine’s Day, followed by Mother’s Day
anticipate their needs. “We get to know them and their
likes and dislikes,” she expresses. The staff anticipates FLORAL SERVICES Full-service floral department in the Havre store,
which flowers to avoid for certain clients and which are offering custom designs, event and prom services, sympathy
designs, and delivery service; cash-and-carry florals in the other
favorites for others.
two stores
Offering customers that personal touch benefits both HAVRE FLORAL MANAGER Maggie Anderson
clients and the department, Maggie explains. “We make WEBSITE
them happy, and that makes them come back.”

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