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sheltered basket

A “contained” creation with hidden
details begging to be explored.


Fill a tray with floral foam, leav-
ing a slight gap at the edges.
Insert salal leaves vertically in
the gap around the perimeter of
the foam. Fill the center with a
low base of Hydrangeas, honey
myrtle and Pittosporum.

Position eight to 10 spray
chrysanthemums at a level
slightly above the greens and
Hydrangeas, so they appear to
be “growing.” Tuck three wood-
en eggs into the florid base.

Arranged within a dome-shaped structure of grasses
and bark-covered wire, this fresh mix of blossoms, with
wooden eggs tucked in, reminds of an Easter basket with
a modern twist. Inside the vaulted framework, a low
mass composition invites extended viewing, to discover
the treasures within. sf
This design was excerpted Arrange three to five stems of
from Modern Flower Arranging,
MATERIALS: Hydrangeas, spray chrysanthemums, Veronica, a new book from Florists’ Veronica, positioned so their tips
salal leaves, honey myrtle, Italian variegated Pittosporum, Review Enterprises. Each of curve toward the edges of the
the 60 designs has a four-step
bear grass and Flexi grass from Delaware Valley Wholesale how to. MFA1013. $29.95. container. Create a crisscrossed
Florist; Barked Wire from Knud Nielsen Company; Oasis To order, visit shelter above the design using
Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis Company; container and, Flexi grass, bear grass and bark-
wooden eggs from favorite suppliers. or call (800) 367-4708. covered wire.

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