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in-store and
consumer care
quickly in warm environments. Make stems and foliage close to the bulbs.
LIGHT These plants prefer indirect or dif- adjustments in your department to REBLOOMING Most forced bulbs will not
fused sunlight; however, they are fairly accommodate the preferences of these rebloom indoors, if at all. However, if
robust and will perform satisfactorily in plants, and inform each customer of their customers want to try to get them to
less-than-perfect conditions. temperature requirements. rebloom outdoors, advise them to follow
WATER Flowering bulbs require moderate- REFRIGERATION Under extreme circum- these five steps.
ly moist potting medium at all times. stances, if spring-blooming bulbs are n As blooms fade, cut off the flower
Water these flowers whenever the soil sur- developing too quickly in your depart- heads, leaving the stems and foliage.
face is dry to the touch. Good drainage is ment, you can store them in a floral cool- n Continue watering the bulbs until the
also critical; never allow potted bulbs to er at temperatures no lower than 40˚ F foliage has completely withered.
stand in water. and for no longer than three days. n Remove the bulbs from the container,
TEMPERATURE Generally, potted bulbs Improper refrigerated storage can cause and cut off the dried foliage and flower
prefer cool environments, 60 F to 65 F cosmetic damage to foliage and blooms, stems close to the bulbs.
during the day—definitely no higher and performance at the consumer level n Store the bulbs in a dark, cool, dry
than 70—and 55 F to 60 F at night. can be adversely affected. environment until autumn.
These flowers will develop and age more GROOMING As blooms fade, cut off flower n Plant the bulbs outdoors in the fall. sf

Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils
Photo: Pioneer Flower Farms Limited

Tulips, hyacinths, dwarf Irises and Crocuses
Photo: iBulb

Tulips, hyacinths and grape hyacinths Tulips and hyacinths Hyacinths, tulips, polyanthus daffodils and Crocuses
Photo: iBulb Photo: iBulb Photo: iBulb
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