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circle of love

Pretty callas, fringy petals and decorative wire
embody the union of romance and sophistication.

Circles and spheres symbolize
eternity, so arrangements that
incorporate them are inherently
romantic. In this design, miniature
callas are arranged in a circle, with
the ends of the stems hidden to
give the illusion of a never-ending
loop. In the center of the circle, a
bowl of carnation petals is tied to
the rest of the design by a spiral of
ornamental flat wire while addi-
tional flat wire accents the callas
inside the larger bowl.

MATERIALS: Miniature callas, carnation
petals, two bubble bowls, flat wire.

Place a coiled piece of Place the stems of each Wrap a length of wire This design was
flat wire inside the larger calla into the spathe of into a spiral about the excerpted from Modern
Flower Arranging, a new
bubble bowl, and spread the one behind to hide size of the smaller bowl.
book from Florists’ Review
it out to fill the space. the stem ends. Arrange Place the center of the Enterprises. Each of the
Soften the calla stems a second loop of wire on spiral inside the carna- 60 designs, created by
by sliding a thumb along top of the flowers. Fill the tion bowl and allow the Teresa P. Lanker and
Talmage McLaurin, AIFD,
one side while applying smaller bubble bowl with rest to wrap around the
has a four-step how to.
gentle pressure. Position carnation petals, and set interior of the large bowl. MFA1013. $29.95.
the stems around the it in the center of the To order, visit
inside of the bowl. calla-and-wire circle,
or call (800) 367-4708.
inside the larger bowl.
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