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‘Star Cherry Tessino’
Dianthus caryophyllus nana color in the spectrum—except true blue—
(dy-AN-thus care-ee-oh-FILL-us nan-uh) as well as bicolors and fleck cultivars. They
COMMON NAMES also can be dyed or tinted to increase the
Spray carnation, Miniature carnation color choices. (See the gallery of varieties on
Spray carnations generally have four to six VASE LIFE
flowers on lateral stems that branch out With proper care and handling, spray car-
from a main stem. The florets are usually 1 nations can last from six to 14 days,
inch to 2 inches in diameter. Some cultivars depending on variety, maturity at the time
have a clovelike scent. Most are double of purchase, and production conditions
forms with many ruffly petals. and factors.
These flowers are available in virtually every These flowers are available year-round.

vase-life extenders
IMMEDIATE ATTENTION Unpack spray car- NUTRITION Following the hydration solu- CARE EXTRA Check water level daily, and
nations promptly upon their arrival at tion treatment, place the flowers into add room-temperature flower-food solu-
your facility, and check flower quality. clean, disinfected storage containers par- tion as needed. Change the solution and
Remove all stem bindings if you plan to tially filled with properly proportioned recut the stems every other day or so, to
use or sell individual stems; if you plan to flower-food solution. ensure continuous, uninhibited uptake
sell them by the bunch, leave the stem REFRIGERATION Next, place flowers into a of solution, and instruct consumers to do
bindings on. Either way, leave sleeves on floral cooler at 33 F to 35 F, with a humid- the same.
at this point to protect the blooms (see ity level of 85 percent to 95 percent, for at
“Refrigeration,” right). least two hours before arranging or selling purchasing tips
STEM CUTTING Strip all foliage from the them. After the flowers have been rehy-
n Spray carnations are graded according to
lower portions of the stems that would be drated, you may remove the sleeves; it will
stem length and number of blooms/buds
under water in storage containers. Then improve air circulation among the blooms
on a stem. Bunches are composed accord-
recut stems at an angle with a sharp, ster- and stems.
ing to bloom count rather than stem count.
ile blade, removing at least 1 inch of stem. Except for design time, keep these flow-
n Look for stems with only one to three
You may cut stems either in air or under ers refrigerated until they’re sold or deliv-
buds starting to open and/or a maximum of
water; however, if you cut stems under ered. Research shows that a one-day inter-
one open bloom per stem. Spray carnations
water, change the water or flower-food ruption in refrigeration can result in a three-
in bud form are less sensitive to ethylene
solution frequently to help control bacte- day loss in vase life at the consumer level.
gas than those with more open flowers.
ria levels. ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY Spray carnations
Even after being cut, these flowers will
HYDRATION Immediately after cutting the are extremely sensitive to ethylene gas,
open into high-quality blooms from very
stem ends, dip or place the stems into a exposure to which accelerates wilting.
tight buds.
hydration solution, to help the flowers Keep them away from fruit, vehicle
n Examine bunches for split calyxes and
take up water or flower-food solution exhaust, cigarette smoke and other
broken stems.
more quickly. Spray carnations are sus- sources of ethylene. Ensure that those you
n Purchase only flowers that have been
ceptible to water stress, especially after purchase are treated with an ethylene
treated with an antiethylene agent at the
being out of water for several hours or inhibitor at the grower level or during
grower or during shipping.
days, such as during shipping. transport from the farms.

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