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design of the month

An easy balloon design to keep watch over Halloween.
With several of these balloon designs floating, or displayed on balloon sticks, around
your department, customers will likely have an eerie feeling that they are being watched.
This Floating Eyeball design is one of the insightful creations of Peggy Williams, edu-
cation coordinator for burton + BURTON. The elevated optical composition is ideal for
in-store display and spooky party sales.

1 22” Qualatex
Floating Eye Bubble
Balloon (#2230-26)

1 Metallic Red
MagicArch balloon

4 Lime Green 5”
Qualatex Balloons

curling ribbon
balloon stick or wand
(for air-filled display)

how to

Air-fill two 5” lime green Qualatex balloons to 4”,
and tie them together to form a duplet. Air-fill
another identical duplet, and twist the two sets
together to form a four-balloon cluster. Next, Dual Foil + Latex
inflate (with helium or air, depending on your pref- Regulator
erence) the 22” Bubble Balloon eyeball. Attach red
curling ribbon, or a balloon stick for an air-filled
option, to the stem. Inflate a MagicArch balloon,
and thread the ribbon or balloon stick from the
Bubble balloon through the hole in the MagicArch
balloon. Add the lime green balloon cluster direct-
ly below the MagicArch balloon. Lock the cluster
into place by twisting it around the curling ribbon Mini Cool Aire Dual
or the balloon stick. Pro Inflator sfr

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