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     When I was at the International Floriculture Expo in June, a topic kept resurfacing: How do we get consumers to buy more flowers?

     During educational workshops and in informal conversations on the show floor, attendees tackled that intriguing question. In their excellent presentation, “The State of the Industry: A Grower’s Perspective,” Lane DeVries, of The Sun Valley Group, and Joaquin de la Torre, of Ball SB, both shared their insights into industry challenges and opportunities for growth as well as changing consumer spending habits in the wake of the recession.

     Mr. DeVries pointed out that floral consumption in the United States, per person, is only $29 a year, ranking us 16th in a recent survey of 20 countries. Switzerland, by contrast, ranks No. 1, spending $112 per person on flowers. (Click here to see Mr. DeVries’ presentation.)

(Click here to see Mr. de la Torre's presentation.)

     How do we change those U.S. figures? Another key topic at the Expo was the importance of innovation in growing the floral industry. That means, attendees including Mr. DeVries and Mr. de la Torre expressed, continually engaging and delighting customers in all areas that surround the industry, from new flower varieties, shapes and colors to packaging, marketing and design.

     That’s why I’m excited to announce the second annual edition of Focus on Design, our “how-to” publication created especially for supermarket and mass-market florists. Focus on Design aims to introduce new techniques and looks that will excite your customers and keep them coming back.

     Our publisher, Talmage McLaurin, AIFD, created the 25 projects you’ll see in Focus on Design, which arrived with your September issue. In addition to designing looks that will sell, Talmage made sure the how-tos are simple and easy to follow for labor-short departments. He and art director/photographer John Collins have created a useful guide you will want to keep in your department for inspiration throughout the year.

     I’d like to thank the sponsors of Focus on Design who provided the beautiful flowers, plants, greenery, containers, ribbon, accessories and more that made Talmage’s designs possible:
• Bottomley Evergreens & Farms, Inc.
• FloraCraft®
• Floralife
• Fresca Farms
• The Hiawatha Corporation
• Offray
• Roseville Farms
• Silver Vase
• Syndicate Sales, Inc.

     Use Focus on Design to expand your repertoire of designs and inspire even more creativity and innovation in your floral department. With the response you’ll likely receive from your customers, you’ll be doing your part to increase floral purchasing. sfr

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