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easy adaptations

Create an instant vase for seasons and events with quick container customizations.

     A handy vessel such as this one, which has a vase-in-a-vase design, makes adding seasonal or occasion-specific flair a snap. And customizing your creations to customers’ personal style and preferences has never been easier.
     In this case, to create a centerpiece with instant autumn appeal, we’ve tucked striking gold and green croton leaves into the outer vase. A bit of water keeps the colorful foliage hydrated. Other leaves or small materials such as beads and pebbles could work equally well; just coordinate the exterior materials to the occasion, and coordinate the florals to the materials. sfr


MATERIALS: miniature Gerberas from Rosa Flora Limited; ‘Tresor’ Asiatic lilies, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Gold Strike’ roses, Solidaster and croton leaves from favorite suppliers; Artesia® floral foam and Create In A Vase from FloraCraft.



Click here to see our "Video How To" feature demonstrating this technique.

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