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holiday table décor

Learn how to deck the halls—or tabletops—with elegant candlelit centerpieces that are completed in nine simple steps.

Candles are requirements of the season, and that means that every floral department needs to offer a candlelit centerpiece for holiday entertaining. While there are many ways to incorporate the flickering lights into floral arrangements, this composition is simple and, because it includes permanent botanicals, can be on display for an extended time. It’s also a great value for customers because, with an easy candle change, it can be reused next holiday season.


MATERIALS: permanent Holly Sprays and Glitter Leaf/Berry Sprays from Melrose International; cardinal from Napco; glass balls from favorite supplier; ribbon from Lion Ribbon Company; Patrician® pillar candle from Candle Artisans; Designer Tray from Syndicate Sales; Styrofoam™ Disc from FloraCraft; wood picks from W.J. Cowee; Tack 2000 spray adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Oasis® Floral Products.

you will need:
pillar candle
3-5 permanent holly sprays
3-5 permanent leaf and berry sprays
cardinal ornament
18 small glass ball ornaments
plaid ribbon
wood picks
spray adhesive
hot glue
designer tray
plastic-foam disc


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