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24 carrot gold
A trove of fresh vegetables transforms a flower-filled pot into a precious garden-inspired composition.

The fresh produce that is usually positioned near floral departments presents a golden opportunity for creative composition. Here, a couple dozen crunchy carrots surround a basic clay pot that is filled with fresh flowers. The arrangement would be wonderful for a casual outdoor event or almost any other spring and summer celebrations.

MATERIALS: Gerberas, carnations, ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses, Hydrangeas and Hypericum from Asocolflores-member farms in Colombia; reindeer moss from Knud Nielsen Company; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue and Oasis® Floral Adhesive from Oasis® Floral Products; carrots from produce department; clay pot, clay saucer, raffia and polyfoil from favorite suppliers.

How to

Dip the base of a clay pot into hot-melt (pan) glue, and secure it into the center of a clay saucer.

Stretch a rubber band around the pot. Cut carrots to equal lengths just taller than the rim of the pot. Dip the cut ends of the carrots into liquid floral adhesive. Insert the carrots between the band and the pot, and adhere their adhesive-covered tips into the saucer.

Pack reindeer moss into the saucer around the bases of the carrots. Tie raffia around the carrots to cover the rubber band. Line the clay pot with polyfoil, fill with saturated floral foam and arrange flowers into the foam.


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