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poinsettia buying tips
FLOWERS Check that the cyathia (yellow-and-red berrylike flowers in the center of the colored bracts) are fully developed but unopened and displaying no pollen.
COLORED BRACTS Look for plants:
• with fully mature and thoroughly colored bracts
(avoid plants with too much green around the bract edges)
• that are not bruised or blemished
• that are not droopy
• that do not have “burned” or dried out edges.
LEAVES Look for plants with plentiful dark green foliage all the way down the stems, and avoid plants with wilting, droopy, yellow and/or brown-edged leaves.
SOIL Check for waterlogged soil, particularly if the plant appears wilted; this could be a sign of irreversible root rot.
PESTS AND DISEASES Examine plants carefully for signs of spider mites, mealybugs, whiteflies, greenflies, scale and Botrytis (gray mold).

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Add value to your poinsettia orders with the free downloadable tags we’ve created for you to give to your customers. You’ll find tags on Poinsettia Care and Getting Poinsettias to Rebloom at

poinsettia care
For the latest in-depth information on caring for poinsettias, see “Blooming Plant of the Month” on Page 20 of our November issue, or go online to, where you can download and print the information. sfr

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