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herb-covered cornucopias

Abundantly filled baskets epitomize the season and can decorate tabletops now and through the Thanksgiving holiday.

     Cornucopias, or horns-of-plenty, symbolize abundance and are often associated with the harvest season. And whether filled with flowers or colorful produce—or both—they’re wonderful for a Thanksgiving table.
     In this example, we’ve imparted an organic quality to grapevine cornucopias with a covering of parsley and have filled the herb-covered baskets with brilliantly colored cauliflower. Small green and flowering plants, or an autumnal bouquet, could also tuck in among the produce.

MATERIALS: Tack 2000 spray adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; grapevine cornucopia from favorite supplier; parsley flakes and fresh produce from supermarket.

This design was excerpted from Flowers for the Table, published by Florists’ Review. It includes 28 tablescapes for holidays and get-togethers throughout the year. How-to instructions for every celebration are included. Hardcover. 120 pages. Order online at, and click on “Bookstore,” or call (800) 355-8086.

Spray a cornucopia with adhesive. Allow approximately 45 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Then apply a second coat of adhesive.



Sprinkle dry parsley flakes onto the adhesive-coated cornucopia. Apply the herb in small sections, to maximize adhesion of the flakes.
Pat the parsley flakes so they stick firmly to the cornucopia. Fill in bare areas by spraying them with adhesive and sprinkling on additional parsley.

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