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Create polychromatic groupings of monochromatic designs with containers in assorted hues.

Designs by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

Sold by the six-pack, these miniature flowerpots lend themselves to a colorful array of flower varieties and, when filled, will have widespread appeal with your shoppers. The petite pots, which have tulip-flared rims, each require only a few floral and foliage insertions, making the monochromatic arrangements quick for designers to create and affordable for customers, who may select just one as a hostess gift or the entire rainbow of colors for party décor or a fun composite centerpiece.

This concept is perfect for reducing waste, especially of flowers with short or broken stems. And because the pots are petite, they each require only a small piece of floral foam. A half brick, in total, is used for all six arrangements.

MATERIALS: 'Black Out' Asiatic lilies, China asters (Callistephus), Delphiniums, snapdragons and bear grass from The Sun Valley Group; daisy spray chrysanthemums, carnations, Solidago, Pittosporum and Galax leaves from favorite suppliers; Color Fresh Collection mini flowerpots from Pots Company; Oasis® Floral Foam from Oasis® Floral Products; Steelpix® from Syndicate Sales.

Cut a brick of floral foam into small rectangular pieces, and insert a piece vertically into each pot.

Arrange two Galax leaves into each foam-filled pot, followed by Pittosporum and flowers.

Clamp snipped blades of bear grass into bundles with steel picks, and insert a bundle into the foam in each pot.


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