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awaken to spring

Usher in the season by offering a nature-inspired gift.

    Blooming tulips and birds’ nests are unmistakable symbols of spring, so give customers a double-dose of the season’s cheer with this easy-to-make arrangement that combines both.

    Begin by casually gathering and binding a single bunch of tulips with an organic-looking wire, and then insert the bundled blooms—through the center of a woodsy nest—into a foam-filled container. Accessorize the creation with fresh or faux leaves and realistic-looking eggs.

MATERIALS: peony-flowered (double) tulips, quail eggs, leaves and pot from favorite suppliers; Pine Straw Nest and Barked Wire from Knud Nielsen Company; Dixon® Pins from Dixon® Products.

How to:
Snip out the center of a nest with sharp scissors. Secure the nest to the top of a foam-filled container with Dixon® Pins. Insert bundled blooms through the opening in the nest.



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