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Common foliages and filler flowers

These stalwarts are among the workhorses of floral design.

by Amy Bauer

Even the biggest stars benefit from solid accompaniment, and the same goes for the standouts in the floral world. Filler flowers and foliages add dimension and proportion to floral designs without taking the focus from the featured flowers. At the same time, these diverse botanical accents shouldn’t be overlooked for their own distinctive attributes. Use them on their own, as stars in their own right, or gathered with fellow fillers for some “wilder” looks. Check out these editors’ picks of some of the most abundantly produced fillers.

Cut foliages










foliage care tips
• Store unopened boxes in a cooler at 34 F to 38 F until ready for use.
(Store tropicals at 50 F to 65 F.)
• For partially used boxes of unsleeved product, lightly mist foliage if dry, then re-cover with the plastic box liner and carefully close box flaps to prevent breakage and excessive moisture loss. Store in cooler.
• Before designing, re-cut stems approximately 1 inch.
• While working with foliage, place re-cut stems in clean containers with fresh water. Use of floral preservatives is not recommended for conditioning foliage.
• Do not leave foliage unprotected, dry or in a location where either hot or cold air is blowing directly on it.
• Return any unused foliage to the box, and store as described above.
Source: FernTrust, Inc.,


Filler flowers











the fern fan™ foliage selection guide
FernTrust, Inc. has a handy, full-color laminated guide to cut foliages, including pictures, descriptions, availability and other information, which retails for $15. To order the fan, visit the Florists’ Review Enterprises Bookstore, or call (800) 355-8086.

Sources: FernTrust, Inc.; The Chain of Life Network,; Society of American Florists’ (SAF) Flower & Plant Care manual; California Cut Flower Commission, Flower Council of Holland

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