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august 2010  vol. 23 • no. 8

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A sweet Valentine’s Day display
Stop & Shop in Toms River, N.J., wins the 2010 “Merchandising Award of Excellence” contest.

The expo’s successful debut
The International Floriculture Expo gains a strong reception from both buyers and exhibitors.

Bouquets at the expo
Discover some of the hottest products we saw in Miami Beach.

Autumn: Make it amazing
Consider these ideas to help your department be fab during fall.

Six months out: Time to order
Help your customers get verbal with these fun and easy ways to express sentiments.

August 2010

Expo observations

Merchandising ideas and planning tips for the next six weeks

industry talk
Take advantage of autumn

hot options
Roses for fall occasions

design of the month
Mod mix

workbench basics
Take the cake

cut flower of the month

blooming plant of the month
Garden mum

new products

bulletin board


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