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Prince & Prince (P&P), a floral industry research consultancy based in Columbus, Ohio, has released an in-depth analysis of the impact of social media (Facebook, Twitter) usage on florist shop success compared with other modes of communication florists have with their customers. 

• About half of florists throughout the U.S. utilize Facebook and/or Twitter in their communication with potential customers.

• The level of usage varies by region, by size of business and by age of florist shop owner.
The highest usage is:
- in New England and the Lower South Atlantic region
- among shops with annual sales of more than $1 million
- among shop owners younger than 35

• For shops with annual sales of $250,000 or less (about half of all florist shops), use of social media has no significant impact on business success, but other modes of communication, including e-mail promotions, websites and open-house events, do.

• For shops with annual sales more than $500,000, social media and open-house events are both significant drivers to business success, but open houses have about 50 percent more impact than social media.

• For the youngest-aged shop owners, e-mail promotions and social media are both significant drivers to business success, but e-mail dominates, with more than 50 percent more impact than social media.

• Social media has yet to fully deliver for florists, especially among smaller-sized shops. Other modes of florist communication (both traditional and technological) are larger drivers to business success for key florist market segments.

The P&P report, entitled “Florists Broadly Adopt Social Media . . . Payoff Somewhat Nil . . . Now What?” provides market information and analysis that florists can use to benchmark their communication strategies and improve efficiency. P&P intends to continue to track these communication trends in the future.

Drs. Tom and Tim Prince, formerly of The Ohio State University, are brothers and co-founders of Prince & Prince, Inc., a leading marketing research specialist in the floral and green plant industries. Prince & Prince has completed more than 50 major marketing research reports for the floral and floral-related industries in the U.S. and has also conducted floral marketing research in Canada, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany and Spain. They conceptualize, design and implement market research studies and product tests for floral and green-plant suppliers, plant breeders, floral importers, wholesale florists, retail florists and industry associations. For more information about their specialized floral marketing research, contact Prince & Prince by phone at (614) 299-4050 or by email at

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