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Members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Inc. (ASCFG) have selected “flowers of the year” for 2013 in the “fresh,” “woody stem” and “bulb” categories.

The winners for 2013 are:
• Fresh: Matthiola ‘Katz Cherry Blossom’ (stock)
• Woody Stem:  Symphoricarpos ‘Amethyst’ (snowberry)
• Bulb:  Ranunculus ‘Super Green’ (buttercup)


Matthiola ‘Katz Cherry Blossom’ (stock)

From a series named for PanAmerican Seed product manager Philip Katz, this cultivar was noted by growers for its uniform flowers and consistent stem length. It also shows improved heat tolerance and fast crop time compared to traditional column stocks. These features allow it to be grown earlier and later in the season and to be grown by growers who are not usually able to produce it in warmer climates.

Five percent of PanAmerican Seed’s worldwide net seed sales of the ‘Katz’ stock series will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) research.


Symphoricarpos ‘Amethyst’ (snowberry)

This native plant produces small white flowers in summer and masses of hot pink berries, which ripen into the fall. It’s relatively easy to cultivate as a cut-flower crop, with fruiting stems as long as 60 inches. Stems are harvested when most of the fruit is well colored; waiting too long might result in the older fruit turning brown.


Ranunculus ‘Super Green’ (buttercup)
“Funky” and “avant garde” describe this unusual cultivar, which combines the bright, cheery colors of traditional Ranunculi with green leafy inner “petals.” As with traditional Ranunculi, these plants grow best in cool weather and are particularly suited to minimally or nonheated tunnels during winter and spring. Stems grow up to 24 inches in height. Vase life can be 5 to 10 days, if the hollow stems are handled carefully.

These flowers are selected based on the cultivars’ performance in the ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials and recommendations from cut flower growers across the country.

The ASCFG is a trade association that provides production and marketing information to commercial cut flower growers in the United States and Canada. Its goal is to unite growers of specialty cut flowers that are produced in the field, greenhouse or hoophouse and that are sold to wholesalers, retailers or directly to consumers at farmers’ markets. The organization’s publication, The Cut Flower Quarterly,  focuses on field and greenhouse growing, research, market trends, new varieties and other aspects of the cut flower industry.

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