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holiday cheer                                                                   how to:

             Ready-made designs from

                                                                                             To add a birch branch into a
                                                                                             ready-made design, wrap its
                                                                                             center section several times with
                                                                                             decorative wire, leaving long
             Ready-made arrangements                                                         ends that can be inserted deep
             like this coal bucket centerpiece                                               into the floral foam. Wrap the
             offer so many benefits includ-                                                  handle of the coal scoop with
                                                                                             additional decorative wire to
             ing inventory and cost control                                                  attach it into the design.
             and labor savings. And you
             can easily transform them into                                                  MATERIALS: Coal Bucket Center-
                                                                                             piece from Hiawatha Evergreens/
             unique creations reflective of                                                  The Hiawatha Corporation; Dian-
             your distinctive style and                                                        thus ‘Sweet Scarlet’ from Ball
                                                                                                       SB; Hypericum and Scabiosa
             add greater value by                                                                            from Fresca Farms;
             simply and quickly                                                                                Aluminum Wire (Steel)

                                                                                                      from Smithers-Oasis
             incorporating a                                                                              North America;
             few additional                                                                                   birch, Magnolia,
             stems of flowers,                                                                                                     feathers
             foliages and                                                                                                           and pine
             decorative                                                                                       from
             accessories.                                                                                    suppliers of
                                                                                                             your choice.
             Simple “predecorated” wreaths are great
             bases for your own custom creations. With
             carefully chosen assortments of accesso-
             ries, your can turn these basic wreaths into
             thematic designs to coordinate with any
             customer’s décor, easier and quicker than
             starting from scratch.
             how to:

             To further develop the rustic or country aesthetic started
             with this simply decorated wreath featuring a plaid bow,
             pine cones, berries and a vintage lantern, artfully incor-
             porate loops and ties of bark and jute mesh “ribbons”
             along with a bundle of birch branches.
             MATERIALS: Vintage Lantern Wreath from Hiawatha
             Evergreens/The Hiawatha Corporation; Addiction (Natural)
             from Lion Ribbon Company; Oasis Bind Wire (Natural) and
             Oasis Natural Wrap (Woodland Bark) from Smithers-Oasis
             North America; birch from supplier of your choice.

             24 / september 2017
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