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rethinking ribbon

             Ribbon from

                                                                          Ribbons are often cut from elegant and dis-
                                                                          tinctive fabrics, and they can be showcased
                                                                          and used as the starring elements in designs
                                                                          instead of as supporting characters. This artful
                                                                          collection of ribbons and other elements create
                                                                          a unique centerpiece in which a single flower is
                                                                          cast in a supporting role.

                                                                          how to:
                                                                                                   Choose a selection
                                                                                                   of ribbons in various
                                                                                                   colors, patterns and
                                                                                                   ornamentation, and
                                                                                                   artistically arrange
                                                                                                   them as the main
                                                                                                   elements to create
                                                                                                   a centerpiece, mer-
                                                                                                   chandising vignette or
                                                                                                   decorative accessory.
                                                                          MATERIALS: Analise (Gold), Anisha (Navy), Anisha Frayed (Navy),
                                                                          Encore (Navy) and Taj (Chardonnay) from Lion Ribbon Company;
                                                                          ‘Mayra’ garden rose from Fresca Farms; footed bowl, crystal
                                                                          votive holder and mirror from suppliers of your choice.

             With all the glamorous ribbons available, it’s
             easy to create luxurious and unique combina-
             tions that have a more prominent presence in
             your floral designs and provide all the glitz and
             bling that many consumers desire for weddings,
             holidays and other celebratory occasions.
             Don’t underestimate the popularity and
             perceived value of these elegant fabrics.
             how to:
                                       Tie simple two-loop
                                       bows from each of
                                       three coordinating
                                       ribbons to opulent-
                                       ly accessorize a
                                       hand-tied bridal
                                       bouquet or casual
                                       vase arrangement,
                                       elevating both to a
                                       new level.

             MATERIALS: Chloe (Rose Pink), Encore (Nectar) and Rosie (Rose
             Pink) from Lion Ribbon Company; ‘Mayra’ garden roses from
             Fresca Farms; mirror from supplier of your choice.

             22 / september 2017
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