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                                 containers                                        Containers and accents from

                                                                         Although they’re beautiful and contemporary
                                                                         as is, Smithers-Oasis’s new square acrylic
                                                                         containers allow for all manner of embel-
                                                                         lishment, both inside and outside, enabling
                                                                         creative designers to customize them for any
                                                                         occasion, holiday or season.
                                                                         how to:

                                                                         Simply tie a luxurious ribbon around the outside
                                                                         of a container, or wrap the exterior with multiple-
                                                                         width layers of ribbon, and secure the ribbons to
                                                                         the containers with adhesive dashes.
                                                                         MATERIALS: 3”, 4”, 5” and 10” Design Cubes (Clear)
                                                                         from Smithers-Oasis North America; Alstroemeria
                                                                         ‘Tiguer Pink’ and Campanula ‘Campana White’ from
                                                                         Ball SB; Chloe (Rose Pink), Double-Face Satin (Pink
                                                                         Blush) and Taj (Chardonnay) from Lion Ribbon Com-
                                                                         pany; 3” fl oating candle from supplier of your choice.
                                                                                           how to:
             As handsome as they are in the trio of rustic
             finishes — rust (shown here), galvanized and
             slate — Smithers-Oasis’s new round and oval
             Northwoods Collection tin pots easily lend
             themselves to agrestic enhancement, creating
             even greater value, for holidays,
             every day, parties and events,
             home décor and more.

                                                                                           Adhere bands or strips of
                                                                                           Oasis natural moss “ribbon”
                                                                                           to the exteriors of tin pots
                                                                                           with adhesive strips. Further
                                                                                           secure the mossy wrap to the
                                                                                           container with a band of pa-
                                                                                           per-covered wire for additional
                                                                                           security and enhancement.

                                                                                           MATERIALS: Oasis Tin Pots (4½”
                                                                                           Round, 8½“ Oval, 12” Oval,
                                                                                           Rust), Oasis Natural Wrap (Moss),
                                                                                           Oasis Bind Wire (Natural) and
                                                                                           UGlu Adhesive Strips from Smith-
                                                                                           ers-Oasis North America; Alstro-
                                                                                           emeria (Light Orange), Brassica
                                                                                           ‘Feather Lucir White’, snapdragon
                                                                                           ‘Potomac Early Orange’ and
                                                                                           Limonium ‘Sinzii Deep Blue’ from
                                                                                           Ball SB; 2” assorted miniature
                                                                                           plants from Micky’s Minis Flora
                                                                                           Express; reindeer moss and wheat
             18 / september 2017                                      from suppliers of your choice.
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