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potted charms

                   Petite plants frometite plants from

             With their exotic nature and miniature size, these
             Anthurium plants are sure to captivate consumers.
             This trio, in a handmade basket, is accented with
             equally captivating cut hybrid Dianthus, creating a
             conversation-piece that will have customers remember-
             ing your floral department.
                                       Wrap honeysuckle vine around
             how to:                   the exterior of a 6-inch-diameter
                                       dish and secure with fiber-covered
                                       wire, place three miniature plants
                                       into the dish, add small blocks of
                                       floral foam around the pots, and
                                       arrange ‘Green Ball’ Dianthus
                                       into the floral foam.

                                       MATERIALS: 2” Mini Anthurium from
                                       Micky’s Minis Floral Express; Dianthus
                                       ‘Green Ball’ from Ball SB; Oasis
                                       Rustic Wire (Natural), 6” Cache Dish
                                       (Black) and Oasis Floral Foam Maxlife
                                       from Smithers-Oasis North America,
                                       kiwi vine and honeysuckle vine from
                                       supplier of your choice.
                                                                                          how to:

              These charming diminutive plants come dressed for fall
              in delightful burlap pot covers, but to differentiate or
              upgrade yours to create a slightly higher price point,
              adorn the pots with quick and easy accents. Here, lace
              medallions are affixed to the pot covers and topped with
              leaf-shaped buttons.

                                                                                         Adhere a lace medallion to the
                                                                                         burlap pot cover with an adhesive
                                                                                         dash. Then affix a leaf-shaped
                                                                                         button to the lace medallion with
                                                                                         another adhesive dash.
                                                                                         MATERIALS: Assorted Combo Plants in
                                                                                         Burlap Pots from Micky’s Minis Floral
                                                                                         Express; 2” Medallion Lace and UGlu
                                                                                         Adhesive Dashes from Smithers-Oasis
                                                                                         North America; fall leaves and leaf
                                                                                         buttons from suppliers of your choice.

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