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holiday timesavers                                                              how to:

             Containers and accents from

                                                                                             Place sisal fiber between the
                                                                                             plastic liner and the interior
            Wood pallets are all the rage                                                    of the basket to camouflage
            in the decorating, display and                                                   the floral foam in the liner. It
            DIY-project worlds, and this                                                     also will add a natural farm-
            decorative wood basket draws                                                     straw look to the container
                                                                                             and the arrangement within.
            its inspiration from them. Ideal
            for rustic, farmhouse and gar-                                                   MATERIALS: 6” Pot Cover Wood
            deny floral designs, the basket                                                  Crate (Natural) and 8” 6-loop
                                                                                             Couture Bow from Potter Inc.;
            gets a touch of holiday glitz                                                    Brassica ‘Feather Queen Red’,
            with a time-saving ready-                                                        Campanula ‘Campana Blue’,
                                                                                             Dianthus ‘Sweet Coral’ and dusty
            made bow.                                                                        miller ‘Broat New Look’ from Ball
                                                                                             SB; Oasis Floral Foam Maxlife
                                                                                             from Smithers-Oasis North
                                                                                             America; sisal from supplier
                                                                                             of your choice.

             These versatile wood-slat baskets are also
             ideal for plant designs, gift and fruit baskets,
             and much more. This red-washed version
             inspired a romantic design in which sprays
             of orchid blooms from opposing plants are
             joined to form “hearts.”

             how to:

             Place two double-spray orchid plants into the basket.
             Carefully join one bloom spike from each plant to form
             a “heart,” and secure them with wire. Repeat to create
             a second orchid heart on a different level than the first.
             Embellish with a ready-made bow.
             MATERIALS: 6” Pot Cover Wood Crate (Red) and 8” 6-loop
             Couture Bow from Potter, Inc.; Oasis Mega Beaded Wire
             (Black) from Smithers-Oasis North America; 5” Phalaenopsis
             orchid plants from Silver Vase; wired wood pick from supplier
             of your choice.

             30 / september 2017
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