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orchid designs

              Orchid plants from

             Orchids lend themselves beautifully to creative and con-
             temporary design options. And because of their tropical
             heritage and exotic nature, they’re ideal for showcasing
             in enclosed environments — mini ecosystems — such
             as this large flared vase creates.

             how to:
                                       Fill the bottom of the vase with 3
                                       or 4 inches of decorative rock,
                                       and add water to just below the
                                       surface of the rocks. Nestle two
                                       orchid plants into the vase so that
                                       their roots rest atop the rocks.
                                       Add pieces of bamboo for both
                                       functional and decorative value.
                                       MATERIALS: Hanging Vanda Orchid
                                       and 2” Double Espresso Phalaenop-
                                       sis Orchid from Silver Vase; 22”
                                       Display Bucket (Clear) and Oasis Flat
                                       Wire (Strong Pink) from Smithers-
                                       Oasis North America; bamboo and
                                       rocks from suppliers of your choice.
             As illustrated in both these plant designs, orchids do                       how to:
             not have to be potted to survive. In this composition,
             miniature bare-root orchids are nestled among loops of
             decorative wire, which holds them in place, in much the
             same manner that cut stems might be arranged.

                                                                                          Create loose wads of two types of
                                                                                          decorative wire by casually balling
                                                                                          lengths of each wire type in your
                                                                                          hands. Place the wire wads into the
                                                                                          well of the container, and nestle
                                                                                          bare-root miniature orchid plants
                                                                                          into the wads.
                                                                                          MATERIALS: Assorted 2” Double
                                                                                          Espresso Phalaenopsis Orchids from
                                                                                          Silver Vase; Oasis Aluminum Wire
                                                                                          (Purple), Oasis Snakeskin Wire
                                                                                          (Purple) and 8” Wok (Lavender)
                                                                                          from Smithers-Oasis North America.

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