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roses: still the rage

                                                                          Flowers from

                                                                          ‘Freedom’ roses are classic, perfect red roses,
                                                                          with large, showy blooms. And in this classic-
                                                                          meets-contemporary styling, they are accented
                                                                          with violet and green blooms to create a strik-
                                                                          ing near-complementary color harmony.

                                                                          how to:

                                                                          Press a thoroughly soaked floral-foam sphere onto
                                                                          a container filled with flower-food solution. Cut rose
                                                                          stems short (about 3 inches), and arrange them into
                                                                          the sphere, filling in spaces with tufts of Hydrangeas
                                                                          and accenting with Scabiosas.
                                                                          MATERIALS: Hydrangeas, ‘Freedom’ roses and Scabiosas
                                                                          from Fresca Farms; Brassica ‘Dream Red’ from Ball SB; Flare
                                                                          Bowl (Moss) and 8” Floral Foam Sphere from Smithers-Oasis
                                                                          North America; yarn from supplier of your choice.

                                  Garden roses are not just for summer wed-                how to:
                                  dings. They are spectacular year-round in
                                  all types of designs and for all seasons and
                                  occasions, from every day to holiday.

                                                                                           To create modern-style de-
                                                                                           signs with depth and dimen-
                                                                                           sion, arrange garden roses,
                                                                                           Hydrangeas and other mass
                                                                                           materials low into container
                                                                                           first, covering the foam.
                                                                                           Then add longer-stemmed
                                                                                           materials to establish the size
                                                                                           and shape last.
                                                                                           MATERIALS: ‘Mayra’ garden
                                                                                           roses, Hydrangeas and Scabiosa
                                                                                           from Fresca Farms; Oasis Tin
                                                                                           Pot (10” Oval, Slate) and Oasis
                                                                                           Floral Foam Maxlife from
                                                                                           Smithers-Oasis North America;
                                                                                           dried painted artichoke and
                                                                                           pomegranates from supplier
                                                                                           of your choice.

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