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exotic orchids                                               Orchid plants from

dressed for the holidays                                          rural sophistication

Add a touch of seasonal sparkle to or-                                Create a rustically contemporary hy-
chid plants by adorning the stems and                                 droponic composition by bare-rooting
the utilitarian stakes that support them.                             Phalaenopsis orchid plants and placing
                                                                      them into apothecary-style or other
how to                                                                trendy shaped vases or bottles.

                          Wrap wired sisal                         how to
                          around orchid
                          stems and the                                                                              Remove the or-
                          stakes support-                                                                            chid plants from
                          ing them from                                                                              their pots, clean
                          the base of the                                                                            the roots and
                          design to the                                                                              place them into
                          orchid blooms.                                                                             empty bottles
                                                                                                                     or vases. Only
                                            MATERIALS:                                                               occasional mist-
                                            5” Phalaenopsis                                                          ing is needed;
                                            orchid plants                                                            these epiphytic
and 2” Double Espresso Phalaenopsis orchid                                                                           plants will gath-
plants from Silver Vase; Sisal with Wire (Silver)                                                                    er most of the
from Harvest Import; Decorative Rocks from                               moisture and nutrients they need from the air.
FloraCraft.                                                              MATERIALS: 2” Double Espresso orchid plants from
                                                                         Silver Vase; Oasis Sequin Wrap (Silver Matte) and
                                                                         UGlu Dashes from Smithers-Oasis North Ameri-
                                                                         ca; metal basket with bottle vases from supplier
                                                                         of your choice.

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