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ribbon techniques                                                         Ribbon from

woven magic                                                       easy elegance

A woven table runner serves as a design accessory                 Dress up your designs with coordinating ribbon.
for add-on sales or as a pretty display element.                  Easy-to-make loops add the final, perfect touch.

how to                                                            how to

                          Select four coordinating ribbons,                            Create several single loops and
                          and cut them in equal lengths.                               double loop tufts of ribbon, secure
                          Decide on your weave pattern, and                            them with enameled wire, tape the
                          weave the ribbon lengths together.                           wires with stem wrap and insert
                                                                                       them throughout the design.
                          MATERIALS: Tattered, Silvia, Paron and
                          Roundabout ribbons from Lion                                                        MATERIALS: Waves ribbon from Lion Rib-
                          Ribbon Company; Alstroemerias                                                       bon Company; Delphiniums, stocks,
                          and hybrid tea rose from Continen-                                                  ornamental kale, disbud Chrysan-
                          tal Flowers; Matricaria white daisies                                               themums and Hypericum from Con-
                          from Ball SB; vase from supplier of                                                 tinental Flowers; Lisianthuses and
                          your choice.                                                                        Matricaria white daisies from Ball
                                                                  SB; Oasis Floratape Stem Wrap, Oasis Florist Wire and Oasis Display
                                                                  Bucket from Smithers-Oasis North America.

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