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versatile blooms  Cut flowers from

                           how to

embellished groupings                                                               Protect the reusable totes by arrang-
                                                                                    ing the flowers in a waterproof pot.
These mix-and-match designs let you showcase beautiful groupings of flowers.        Embellish the totes with ribbons that
For year-round versatility, include flowers that match the season. Sell them as a   complement the flowers.
set or individually, and let shoppers know they can reuse the jute totes.
                                                                                    MATERIALS: Delphiniums, ‘Green Ball’
                                                                                    Dianthuses, Lisianthuses, Eryngiums,
                                                                                    Matricaria white daisies and Queen
                                                                                    Anne’s lace from Ball SB; 5” ECOs-
                                                                                    sentials Cylinder (Aqua) and UGlu
                                                                                    Adhesive Dashes from Smithers-Oa-
                                                                                    sis North America; Jutee Jutee Bag
                                                                                    and Prismatic, Camino and Alice
                                                                                    ribbons from Lion Ribbon Company.

                                                                                    how to

farm-fresh florals                                                                  To keep the flowers fresh, insert
                                                                                    each bunch into a water tube.
Display bunches of gorgeous flowers in a bushel basket for a trendy farmers mar-    Wrap the bunches in kraft paper,
ket look. Sell the bunches individually, or suggest shoppers buy the entire design  and secure the paper with sisal
for a home décor piece that looks fresh from the farm.                              rope. Place the flower bunches
                                                                                    into the basket, and accessorize
10 focus on design | 2016                                                           the look with sisal fiber.

                                                                                    MATERIALS: China asters (Callistephus),
                                                                                    Gypsophila, Delphiniums and ready-
                                                                                    made mixed bouquets from Ball SB;
                                                                                    Sisal Wire Rope (Moss Green) and
                                                                                    Sisal Fiber (Natural) from Harvest
                                                                                    Import; bushel basket, kraft paper,
                                                                                    water tubes and wooden box from
                                                                                    suppliers of your choice.
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