Page 7 - 2014 American Floral Trends
P. 7
y Y y y Y y Blue and white blossoms,

along with wavy textures and
patterns, have the serenity-in-
ducing effects of the ocean.

h h. The structured geometry of this
modern “cage” design is offset by the
floral materials soothing palette of the floral materials.
Hydrangeas lavender lamb’s ears foliage i. Mineral soap for the spa experience.
Delphiniums rosemary Bouvardias
Ranunculi waxflowers variegated ivy
Irises dusty miller ‘Silver Queen’ Pittosporum
Liatrises Kunzeas ‘Silver Tree’ Leucadendron j

colors The sea and sky, embodying the sensa-
tions of wellness and optimism with their blue and aqua
tones, have a remarkably calming effect and provide the
foundation for the color palette. It starts with a range of
blues that runs from tranquil pearly blue to dusty sage;
these reflect against the deeper tones of oceanic blue
and violet. In addition, the palette includes neutral
tones such as almond and champagne that re-
flect the sandy shorelines of the sea.
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