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natures bountyNATURES BOUNTY
natures bountyNATURES BOUNTY
natures bounty
natures bounty
nature’s bounty
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fluid nature d Photo by Natalie J Watts/
Natalie J Weddings

Consumers are no longer
satisfied with simply
consuming goods that
meet a basic need. In-
stead, we are drawn to
products that promise to e
enhance our lives and
offer extra wellness ben-
efits beyond the primary
need that the product
fulfills. With our focus on
emotional well-being
and physical health, this a
theme demonstrates a
soothing “spa” influence.


herbs fluid, moving patterns
birds such as chevron
cloches cut-out geometrics
lattice blue and aqua glass


a. Fresh rosemary bun- b & d. Vessels and acces- e. The fragrance of lavender g. This striking collec- g
dled with Oasis Raw sories for a “fluid” interior. is considered to induce tion of Offray ribbons
Muslin. Research sug- relaxation. expresses both fluid
gests that the fragrance c. Antique Hydrangeas and natural qualities.
of rosemary enhances and swirls of Oasis Flat f. The zesty pattern of the Of-
brain function and Cane fill Napco’s Water fray ribbon enlivens the calm
boosts performance. Wave Boat Planter. array of Oasis Gathering Vases.
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