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natures bountyNATURES BOUNTY
natures bountyNATURES BOUNTY
natures bounty
natures bounty
nature’s bounty
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w w
poetic nature Photo by Natalie J Watts/
Natalie J Weddings

This expressive style is
romantic with a subtle
vintage flair. Textural
diversity among the
organic elements is
important. For example,
natural fibers, such as
linen and burlap, are
juxtaposed against
pearls and gems, and
ruffly blossoms, such
as garden roses and
peonies, mingle with
downy foliages.

mercury glass
lustrous finishes
pearly accents
rose gold and
champagne accents


Photo by
a Dave Strydom

a. Pearls accent blossoms b. Matte vases from c. Specimen blossoms dis-
in this pair of scallop ves- Napco have a subtle lus- played on linen.
sels from Napco. ter and are accessorized
with Oasis Brooches, d. Mercurial owl filled c
Oasis Aluminum Wire with Dahlias. g
and a braided sash of
Oasis Raw Muslin. d
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