Page 11 - 2014 American Floral Trends
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Mixed blossoms, in a fun array
of colors and textures, fill metal
containers from Napco. Swirls
of Oasis Flat Cane add to the
youthful exuberance.


floral materials
Liatrises callas Anthuriums h
Gerberas Ranunculi ‘Green Trick’ Dianthuses
tinted Rhamnus Grevilleas ornamental peppers
kangaroo paws Acubas variegated myrtle g. Oasis Flat Wire i
Agapanthuses Alliums pincushion Leucospermums
h. Lomey Retro
Flower Pins
i. These Offray ribbons,
colors This collection of hues could be with names such as
classified as a step above midtones without heading Kaleidoscope, Aflame,
into the “brights” category. The color purple is ap- Prismatic and Revolution,
clearly match the
pearing on every horizon and starts here with pale “Synthetic” vibe.
lavender and medium violet. The purple palette co-
ordinates with salmon and vibrant coral but really
comes to life when paired with royal blue and a cool
icy blue. Anchoring the color scheme is a deep char-
coal navy hue that provides a needed balance
against the youthful energy of the collection.
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